PR Services

Boost your business or organization’s profile with these What’s Next Productions services:


  • Content Management: we listen to your issues, then craft your message to the public and in business-to-business dealings.
  • Media outreach: contact and pitch the right reporters, producers, and editors to bring attention to your story.
  • Spokesperson: As a credible and known entity, Brenda can relay your message in a clear, concise way for media outreach.
  • Media training: group or one-on-one sessions to fine-tune how executives and staff can be their best in a media interview setting so your organization is seen and heard in the best possible light.
  • Crisis communications management: Training to handle challenging times so your officials can communicate a straightforward message or Brenda can be your spokesperson when or if challenges arise.
  • Special projects including:
    • Guidance on web content and management of social media such as Facebook
    • Recording interviews and voice-overs for any presentation, commercial, etc.
    • Event planning, event photography & post production video <iframe src=”″ width=”320″ height=”240″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>
    • Guidance on blogs and newsletters
    • Writing and editing internal and external materials
    • Event hosting/emceeing
    • Connecting you with top-rated graphic designers, advertising executives and others to complete your marketing plan

    Here is a link to a short video that includes a KYW Newsradio green report I produced along with my photos from the 2013 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.